Monday, March 22, 2010

Live from the GAMA Trade Show!

LAS VEGAS -- Skirmisher Publishing is on the ground for the GAMA Trade Show! It looks like it is going to be a great event and we are here covering it for our Skirmisher Online Gaming Magazine, Skirmisher Update, and new "d-Infinity" quarterly magazine, as well as Brutarian magazine.

Over the next five days, we will be meeting with hundreds of publishers, retailers, distributors, and other members of the game industry. We will also be attending seminars, social events, and much more of what this great show has to offer.

To keep track of or comment on what Skirmisher is doing at GTS, go to And if you are going to be at the show, reply to the post at the above link so we can meet and chat a little face-to-face!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adventures in Wonderland: A Sourcebook for OGL Roleplaying Games

Welcome to Wonderland, a strange, sometimes creepy alternate world that incorporates aspects of a fairytale land, the elements of children’s nightmares, and a demi-plane of chaos!

Skirmisher Publishing LLC is pleased to announce the release of Adventures in Wonderland: A Sourcebook for OGL Roleplaying Games ($7.99, SKP E 1011, 58 pages; authors Michael J. Varhola and Shane O’Connor). It is available as a PDF download through several online sales venues, including DriveThruRPG (

This game book is inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll, among them his Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and a number of poems. It includes:

* More than 20 monsters, races, and NPCs native to Wonderland.

* Chapters of Wonderland Skills, Feats, Spells, and Magic Items.

* A Wonderland Gazeteer

* Wonderland Adventure Hooks

* Tables for selecting Random Wonderland Items

To comment on or discuss Skirmisher's Adventures in Wonderland, go to the dedicated section on the Skirmisher Forum, at

For more information, contact Skirmisher Publishing LLC, 499 Mystic Parkway, Spring Branch, TX 78070;;

Monday, March 1, 2010

Who's Happy? Experience vs. memory in our selves.

If you are pursuing happiness (and yes, it's constitutionally mandated in the good ol' US of A) and fancy yourself a life hacker, then you'd do a lot worse than watching this talk by the pioneer in of field of Behavioral Economics.

Daniel Kahneman: The riddle of experience vs. memory | Video on