Friday, October 22, 2010

Are you ready for The Wasteland 2?

November 6-7, 2010
Waynes World of Paintball, Ocala, FL
$40 advance registration / $50 onsite

Wasteland Survival Guide available to download at:
Register online now and save $10 from onsite admission!

Hello Children! Welcome back to Galaxy News Radio... with your host... Three-Dog!

Well we've all been hearing a lot of talk about the Republic of Dave. From what I hear, an increasing Deathclaw infestation out of Old Olney uprooted Dave from his old homestead and this self-proclaimed head-of-state is looking for new followers and a new place to call... well... I guess call the Republic of Dave. All I know is that the central Capital Wastes are a pretty dangerous spot and I hope Dave has some serious fire-power to back him up or I think the Republic of Dave is going to see more armies storming back and forth across it than Poland.

I know a lot of us have been getting worried about those Slavers out of Paradise Falls. But the Three-Dog is here to help shed a little light on that gloom and doom. The Regulators have upped their presence in the Central Wastelands and I hear that they are establishing an outpost out of the MDPL-11 Power Plant. Believe they have a couple merchants that have set up shop down there as well so it looks like the long arm of the Law in the Wasteland is helping to do its part to bring some stability to our lives.

Little public service announcement people... in order to help the Wasteland Census and make sure there is ample food and missions for everybody... I can't stress just how important it is to pre-register. And that just doesn't mean posting on a forum that you and those mangy shooters you call your posse are coming... but actually pre-register online and pay for your admission. Lunch counts, staffing and mission planning is all driven by pre-registration. It'll save you some pre-war money... but it's an important courtesy for both Waynes World and MGP... your gracious hosts of this little apocalyptic blight we call the Capital Wastes.

In the meantime... get to repairing your wasteland outfits and armor... make sure those weapons are working and be sure to look around your own personal homestead for any pre-war relics you can't live without... but that you think our wasteland merchants may want to buy from you.

And now... a little music...

IMPORTANT! The Wasteland series of events have lots of action but are NOT traditional MilSim games. Strict uniform/costume restrictions will be in effect to recreate the setting of the game. Please read the Survival Guide (Players Pack) and review the forums for more information on factions and uniforms allowed at this event.

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