Thursday, February 14, 2008

Skirmisher to Publish 'Quactica' Miniatures Rules

Skirmisher Publishing LLC is pleased to announce that it will be publishing Quactica: Battles for the Soul of Middle Aesopia, a set of miniature wargaming rules by veteran game designer and miniature sculptor Steve Lortz. The rules are currently scheduled for release shortly after the New Year.

Set in a world inhabited by various races of anthropomorphic animals, the Quactica rules tie in with a beautiful line of miniatures scultped by Lortz and produced by Lance & Laser. Some of the compelling races battling for their place in the world of Middle Aesopia include usually-good Ducks, Dwargs, and Mice, and typically bad Porks, Ratmen, and Warthogs (the latter sometimes known as Hogres).

Depicted here is a provisional cover for the Quactica rules book, which includes an original image by Marty Edwards that has been colorized by artist Sharon Daugherty.

Anyone interested in playtesting the Quactica rules while they are in production -- and receiving thanks for their efforts in the published edition of the book -- should contact the company at To comment on this article or the game it is about, go to its section on the Skirmisher Forum.

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