Thursday, November 20, 2008

'Metal, Magic and Lore' Now Available from Skirmisher

Skirmisher Publishing LLC has entered into an agreement with 5th Epoch to distribute its Metal, Magic and Lore role-playing game through its various sales outlets, including its online store and directly through its booth at game conventions.

Metal, Magic and Lore combines the classic elements of fantasy role-playing with a very realistic setting. Combining fast-paced combat and magic play with a setting rooted in historical realism, MML is proving an appeal to seasoned RPGers who crave a mood of an epic literary saga in their campaigns.

"This is truly a beautiful game and we are very pleased at the opportunity to sell it alongside our own products," said Michael J. Varhola, head of Skirmisher. "We identified this as the best new role-playing game released last year and being able to help get it into people's hands this year is very exciting for us."

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