Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Roll 'd-Infinity'!

“d-Infinity” is a new multi-platform gaming supplement that will cover a wide variety of rules systems and include content that can be universally applied to many different sorts of table-top, live-action, and role-playing games.

Features of each issue will include free paper miniatures, tips on practical modeling, interviews with the luminaries of the gaming industry, new rules, stats, previews of upcoming product, and all sorts of other bonus content.

Look for a free preview of the publication, which will include a self-standing game, at a game store near you that is participating in Free RPG Day. Plus, subscribe now and get five issues instead of four, along with a free book from sponsor Skirmisher Publishing!

To subscribe or for more information, go to http://Skirmisher.Cerizmo.com.

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