Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dreams of the Deep: Tales of Legend-Haunted Arkham #4

Dreams of the Deep... is designed to be a starting Episode for a full Season of play for Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles, or it can be a standalone Episode. The Dark Aeons core book is all that is required to use this Episode; however it should be noted that the upcoming Arkham: City of Secrets setting book will expand on the Arkham setting in much greater detail than is presented here. As such, we have provided a set of pre-made Persona Sheets for this Episode in order for a Director to simply pick this Episode up and run it straight from the presented material.

Dreams of the Deep is a modern day retelling of the Classic Lovecraft tale, "Shadow Over Innsmouth", as seen through the lens of the Dark Aeons Universe and game system.

This Episode made its first showing through Cthulhu International at Origins Games Fair 2009.

Bree Orlock
Managing Editor,
Stardust Publications

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