Sunday, September 9, 2007

Enjoy Space Exploration at the edge of our solar system!

Inner City Games Designs announces the October 15th release of Exploring the Depths of Uranus.Inner City Games Designs, makers of an entire line of hilarious micro-games including, Lemmings In Space, Crouching Hamster, Hidden Translation, Brunch at the Coliseum, and Who’s Your Daddy? is back at it again this October with their newest micro-board game, Exploring the Depths of Uranus. This new resource management board game is their most extravagant micro-game project to date, and the company has high hopes that it will touch a chord with fans of both strategy board games, and fans of their humor products.

”We do our best to put solid games behind the jokes,” remarked Chris Clark, owner of Inner City Games Designs, “ and Exploring the Depths of Uranus is no exception. There’s a great space exploration game hidden behind the obvious humor, with solid replay value and a lot of goodies for players. This particular game comes with 24 plastic pieces, two game boards, score pads, and our standard cardstock counters and comically illustrated rule book. This one is packed.”

Exploring the Depths of Uranus was played as an open demonstration at Gen Con Indianapolis, and the results were promising.
“We sold out of our prototype copies by Saturday morning, although we frankly had not brought them to the con for sale; they were intended as viewing copies only. The demos spread the word like wildfire, and we just had to let them go – the fans come first,” explained Clark. “It truly is an addictive game.”

Exploring the Depths of Uranus is a resource management board game where each player heads up an expedition to the distant planet of Uranus in search of rare ores and ancient (and valuable) artifacts from an alien civilization. Competition is fierce as players compete for sponsorships back on earth, and claim sites beneath the surface of the frozen planet. Supplies are scarce, and backstabbing the other explorers a common method of ensuring victory.

Exploring the Depths of Uranus is designed for play by 2-8 players, and comes with everything you need to play aside from a few pencils. It is Inner City Games Designs 25th micro-game, and is being released under stock number: ICG7324, with an MSRP of $7.95. It will be available through Blackhawk Hobby Distributors, Centurion Hobby Distributors, New Century Distribution, and other game distributors on October 15th, 2007.

Inner City Games Designs is based in northern Illinois, and has been creating unusual and humorous games since 1982. They are best known for their micro-games, Fuzzy Heroes (tm) miniatures games, the Playin’ in the Streets(tm) role playing game, and the Wolfmoon Adventure modules co-written with Gary Gygax. You can find out more about Inner City Games Designs at

Media contact: Christopher Clark, owner and Production Manager of Inner City Games Designs,

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