Thursday, October 4, 2007

Skirmisher Announces 'Fall Cleaning Sale'

Skirmisher Publishing LLC has announced that it will be conducting a "Fall Cleaning" sale through the first week of October through its eBay store.

During this sale, every item in the Skirmisher inventory will either be substantially reduced in price, accompanied by a variety of free items, or both. Skirmisher is also offering a number of unique and collectible items that can make perfect gifts (for others or oneself).

"We have so many new items coming out over the next few months that we both need to make space in our warehouse and drum up extra revenue for an unprecedented number of printings," said Michael J. Varhola, Skirmisher editor-in-chief and publisher. "This is definitely in the interests of our customers, and that's fine with us; our main goal has always been to get our books and other products into people's hands, and this will help us accomplish that."

Examples of sale specials include:

* Free copies of Skirmisher's H.G. Wells' Little Orc Wars quick-play rules with all sets of the company's Orcs of the Triple Death hand-painted miniatures.

* As a special promotion, copies of Skirmisher's H.G. Wells' Little Orc Wars quick-play rules marked down for a limited time from $2.95 to just $.99.

* Free temporary tattoos designed by artist Matt Beman of Beaumont Miniatures with both print copies of Skirmisher's popular Nuisances d20/OGL parody book and the Nuisances: Director's Cut PDF.

* Up to 60% off cover price on starting bids for signed, collectible copies of Skirmisher d20 books, including its popular Experts v.3.5, Warriors, and Tests of Skill.

* A collectible, insulated Gen Con mug signed by d20 author Perry Frix.

* And much more, all at Skirmisher's eBay store!

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